Quirky Sounds help Animate Aldebaran’s Pepper Robot.

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So I finally sat down to watch the recording of Aldebaran’s Press Event with Softbank where they presented their joint venture, in the form of the new “emotional” robot “pepper” to the world. Aldebaran have the full video on their YouTube channel here.


Now, the first thing that struck me, and what I wasn’t expecting, was that as the robot was “waking up” (to the world I guess), it was animated using a huge variety of different quirky sounds. Basically, Non-Linguistic Utterances were used all over the place and it worked very well. Mixing this with some very smooth choreography and motion execution this lead to a very visually appealing display. Very impressive and just what the Press likes to see.

I think this just goes to show that there is huge potential in the use of NLUs and that it seems to work well for a broad variety of different robots. The world of animation and film clearly has many, many playful ideas to offer the world of HRI. It would be great to see more of these sounds finding their way in the robot’s behavour. I shall keep a curious eye on Aldebaran (and their jobs website)…


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